This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Network Shell Script Job - Execute on Approval and Change Request settings

The Change Request information tab prompts you for Change Request parameters when you configure the schedule for a job. This tab appears only if the job type requires BMC Remedy ITSM approval prior to execution.

The Execute on Approval field appears when you:

  • create a schedule for a job that you are creating
  • schedule an existing job for execution
  • set a schedule in an execution task

After selecting the Execute on Approval option and clicking Browse, adjust the following Change Request settings as necessary:

Request Type

Type of change request; one of the following options:

  • No Approval
  • Emergency
  • Expedited
  • Normal
  • No Impact
  • Standard

Note: To set the request type, your role must be granted the appropriate authorizations from the RequestType.* family of authorizations. For each request type, a separate authorization is available (for example, RequestType.Expedited).


The level of impact of the change request; one of the following options:

  • 1-Extensive/Widespread

  • 2-Significant/Large
  • 3-Moderate/Limited
  • 4-Minor/Localized

Note: If the request type was set to No Impact, you do not set the impact level.

Change DescriptionAn automatically created description for the change request.

The level of urgency of the change request; one of the following:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
Additional Comments(Optional) Additional text to associate with the change request, containing your comments.

For more information, see Executing a job with BMC Remedy ITSM approval.


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