This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Live Reporting dashboard Job Activity reports

This topic describes the reports that available when you click the Job Activity tab on the Live Reporting dashboard. The topic includes the following sections:


The Job Activity tab displays different job-related reports offered in Live Reporting, for example, to view the trending of the number of Windows versus Linux patch jobs in your environment. 

For example, the TrueSight Server Automation administrator can use the Live Reporting dashboard to answer the following questions:

  • What jobs am I running per application server? 
  • Which jobs have failed per target? 
  • Which jobs recently failed? 

Available reports

The following reports provide a job-centered view of your environment over a given time period, for example, the last 14 days. Hover your mouse over the chart to display the actual numbers.

ReportDescriptionExample screen
Enrolled servers summary

This report displays the total number of servers you are managing in your environment, as well as the distribution by OS type.

The report also lists the number of servers that are currently not accessible (for example, the agent on the server is down, or is in a maintenance window).

Job activity servers summaryThis report shows the total number of servers on which jobs were run for the given time period. It also shows the distribution of those servers by OS type.
Running Server Summary by Job Type

Displays the distribution of active jobs running on your servers.

Clicking on any of the colored sections provides information about the specific job type.

Job Activity Run Progress Status

(Non-distinct server count if multiple catalogs selected)

Note: Each server is counted once, even if it you selected multiple patch catalogs in the filter options.
Job Activity by Application Server Summary

Displays breakdown of total number of active jobs for each Application Server running in your environment, by job type. Each colored bar represents a job type.

Clicking on a bar in the chart tells you the name of the Application Server, the number of target servers, and the type of job represented by the row.

This report provides a good idea of the job load for the Application Server.

Note: When you delete an Application Server in TrueSight Server Automation, the details continue to be displayed in the Job Activity by Application Server Summary report.

Most Failed Jobs by TargetsDisplays which jobs have the highest number of failed targets in the latest run. The report shows the number of times the job attempted to execute, and the number of failed runs. It also displays the user name that created the job, and the user that last ran the job.
Most Consecutive Recent Failure Jobs

Displays which jobs have had at least three consecutive failed attempts. The report displays both the job name and the job type.

Clicking on a job name displays the detail report, shown in the second image at right. The report provides the names of the target servers for the job, and which targets succeeded or failed.

Changing the scope of the data

For both the current view and the historical view, you can change the scope of the data displayed in the report by changing the filter options on the right side of the report. To refine the scope, you can filter the data presented on the dashboard using the following options:

  • Time period - Select a time period from the drop-down list. You can choose between the last 24 hours or intervals that span up to the last 90 days. The default is 24 hours.
  • Customer - Out-of-the-box property that you can select to filter the data by customer.
  • Location - Out-of-the-box property that you can select to filter the data by location.
  • Server group - Click Select to choose a specific server group for which you want to see patching data. All static and smart groups are listed. You can select up to 10 server groups.


    For more information about keeping this list of server groups up-to-date, see How do I refresh the list of server groups on the Live Reporting dashboard?
    For information about controlling the length of the list, see How can I shorten the list of server groups for filtering?

  • Job type - Limit the display to a specific type of TrueSight Server Automation job.

  • Role - This option is available only if you have launched the dashboard from a browser, and if the TrueSight Server Automation user that is logged on is assigned multiple roles.

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