This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

Configuring bldeploy behaviour

The logging and rollback files are stored in the Transactions directory during a Deploy Job. The Transactions directory is created during execution of the Deploy Job. You can also control access to the contents of (that is, the subdirectories within) the Transactions directory. To do so, create a file named tx_config.cfg in the Transactions folder, and include the FolderPermissions  property within this configuration file. For example:


To configure the time before restarting the target server

You can configure the time for which the deploy process will wait for the target server to restart.

If a process that takes hours to complete is running, the target server will have to wait a long time before it can restart. You can specify the number of seconds that the target server will wait before it forces the target server to restart. Any processes that are currently running will be aborted. To specify the time that the target server will wait, create a  tx_config.cfg file in the Transactions folder on the target server and include the OutOfBandRebootWaitTime property within this configuration file. For example:


The value of this property is set in seconds. The default value is 900 seconds for Windows and 300 seconds for other operating systems.

To configure sleep delay and retry attempts


Installation of some patches requires a system restart of the target server. Except for the Ignore item defined reboot setting, all other settings result in automatically restarting the target server as necessary. For more information about the restart settings, see Specifying job options.

After restarting the target server, TrueSight Server Automation waits for the post-restart actions to be completed on the target server. The post- restart actions include few registry modifications made as a result of the deployed patches.

The following additional actions are completed:

  • After the restart of target server, TrueSight Server Automation remotely executes the main deploy program (bldeploy.exe) on the target server.
  • After the restart of target server, Shavlik engine's deployment program (STDeploy.exe) is executed on the target server to complete the post-restart actions. Shavlik engine schedules a Windows scheduler task (with the trigger as At system startup) to run STDeploy.exe when there are any post-restart actions to be performed after deploying a patch.
  • After the RSCD service is up on the target server, bldeploy.exe polls for the post-restart action events that are sent out by STDeploy.exe. Once bldeploy.exe encounters a Finished or Failed state for the post-restart actions, it returns back the status to the TrueSight Server Automation console.

When TrueSight Server Automation waits, it searches for the terminating state (Finished or Failed) in the deployment events file for the specific patch. When it does not find either of the two states, it sleeps for a specific duration and re-tries after some time. This sleep duration and the number of retry attempts are configurable. To configure these values, create a file tx_config.cfg in the Transactions folder on the target server. Include the following properties and specify integer values to the keys within this configuration file:


Specifies the sleep duration between retry attempts. Default value is 10 seconds.

Specifies the number of retry attempts for item-wise restart cases. Default value is 60. So, TrueSight Server Automation waits up to 10 x 60 = 600 seconds = 10 minutes after every restart following the one patch deployment, for that post-restart action to get over.
Specifies the number of retry attempts for unified restart cases. Default value is 120. So, TrueSight Server Automation waits up to 10 x 120 = 1200 seconds = 20 minutes after the restart following the deployment of all the patches, for the post-restart actions of all the deployed patches to get over.
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