This space contains documentation for TrueSight Server Automation 8.9.03 and the later service packs for 8.9. For earlier releases, see BMC Server Automation 8.9.

2021-06-15_06-18-23_Rolling Update 1 for version

Rolling Updates do not contain all of the files that are required for complete product installation. Rolling Updates are installed on top of a service pack, patch, or base release without affecting the product version or build number. 

You must apply this Rolling Update if you are using any one of the following:

  • TrueSight Automation Console 19.1.
  • Version 1 of Rest APIs for TrueSight Server Automation and later.

This topic contains instructions for downloading and installing Rolling Update 1, and information about the issues fixed in this Rolling Update.

Downloading the Rolling Update

You obtain the files for this Rolling Update from the following FTP location:

Applying the Rolling Update

Before applying this Rolling Update, ensure that you have installed TrueSight Server Automation and the build number is

Important: Applying the Rolling Update on multiple Application Servers

Ensure that you install the Rolling Update one-by-one on all the Application Servers in your environment. Do not install the Rolling Update simultaneously on multiple Application Servers.

Perform the following steps on all the Application Servers:

  1. Log in to the Application Server as a user with root or administrator privileges.

  2. Ensure that you have downloaded the zip file from the FTP location to the Application Server and verified the checksum. 

  3. Extract the downloaded file to a temporary directory on your Application Server.

    • (WindowsC:\temp
    • (Linux/tmp

  4. Open the command prompt or shell terminal, and navigate to the directory where you have extracted the files.

  5. Run the following command:

    nsh rollingUpdateInstaller.nsh

    Application Server restart information

    The Application Server restarts twice for the installation to complete successfully.

  6. Verify that the following message is displayed on the command prompt or shell terminal:

    #### Rolling Updatation Completed Successfully ####

  7. Verify that the Application Server has been updated successfully by using the following options: 

    • Open the RU_Version file and check the Rolling Update version in the file. The RU_Version file is present at the following location in the Application Server:

      • (WindowsC:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\RU_Version

      • (Linux/opt/bmc/bladelogic/RU_Version

  8. Run the following SQL query in your database:


     Click here for a sample result.
    ---------- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
    1 8.9.04.TBD-RU1   success         <tssaAppServerHost>       26-JUL-19 PM

    Note: Upgrading the TrueSight Server Automation console

    When you apply this Rolling Update, you need not upgrade the TrueSight Server Automation Console.

Corrected issues

The following issues are corrected in this Rolling Update: 

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