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TrueSight Server Automation, one of BMC's digital enterprise automation solutions, allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers.
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updated 11 Mar
This section provides information about what is new or changed in TrueSight Server Automation, including urgent issues, documentation updates, feature packs, and fix packs.




March 12, 202121.02 enhancements

Lists the enhancements added in TrueSight Server Automation version 21.02.


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What's new?

TrueSight Server Automation 21.02 offers the following key features and enhancements:

Smart Agent enhancements

The Smart Agent feature of the RSCD Agent now supports the following capabilities:

  • Auto update of server properties - Monitors the server properties and shares the updated property values with the Application Server. For details, see Auto update of server properties.
  • Auto configuration - Monitors and updates the agent configurations on target servers using Agent Configuration Policies. For details, see Agent Configuration Policies.

Patching enhancements

This release offers the following patching enhancements:

Compliance content enhancements

This release includes the following compliance content enhancements:

REST API enhancements

This release offers new REST APIs for:

  • Compliance and batch jobs
  • Execution tasks
  • Displaying database statistics and configuration details on the Operations dashboard
  • Connecting TrueSight Automation Console to TrueSight Server Automation

For details, see REST API endpoints.

Deploy job enhancements

For advanced deploy jobs, you can now define a timeout for the staging phase of a job before the job is canceled. For more information, see Defining timeouts for jobs.

Operations dashboard enhancements

You can now view the database cleanup statistics and related configuration details on the Operations dashboard. For more information, see Operations dashboard.

Auto cleanup enhancements

You can now schedule weekly cleanup jobs to remove additional data that is not cleaned up by daily cleanup jobs. For details, see Scheduling the automatic data cleanup.

BLCLI enhancements

This release includes new BLCLI commands to create and update web repositories and update enumeration values of the ProperyClass name space. For more information, see BLCLI commands added, updated, or removed in recent versions.

Security enhancement

For authentication between RSCD Agents and clients such as Application Server, NSH, or repeater, the following hash algorithms are now supported in addition to SHA1: SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512

For information about using these algorithms, see these topics:

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