Configuring a mail server

TrueSight Server Automation jobs can generate an email upon their completion. To enable this capability, you must configure a mail server. If you do not want to use email notifications, this mail server configuration is not required. TrueSight Server Automation supports email communication over Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Secure (SMTPS). You must select SMTPS to use authentication. Authentication over SMTP IIRC is not supported.

Do the following:

  1. Start the Application Server Administration console as described in Starting the Application Server Administration console.
  2. Run the following command to view the blasadmin parameters for configuring the mail settings:
    show email all
  3. Configure the following blasadmin parameters:

    ParameterDescriptionCommand example
    fromaddressSpecify the email address to be used for sending the system-generated email.set EmailConfig fromaddress
    smtpserverSpecify the host name or IP address of the SMTP server. If you want to use a non-default port, specify that port along with the host name. For example, <host_name>:3465
    To use the default ports (25 for the SMTP server and 465 for SMTPS), do not specify anything after the host name.
    set EmailConfig smtpserver test123:3465
    techsupportDisplays the email address for technical support.
    Note: This parameter is a read-only parameter.

    NEW IN 20.02.01

    Set to true to enable email communication over SMTPS. Else, the email communication occurs via SMTP.

    Set the values of useSecure and useStartTLS parameters according to the communication method you want to use.

    SMTP + StartTLSfalsetrue
    set EmailConfig useSecure true

    useStartTLS NEW IN 21.02.01

    Set to true to enable the use of StartTLS with SMTP when communicating with an SMTP server.

    Set the values of useSecure and useStartTLS parameters according to the communication method you want to use.



    Enable a secure TLS connection to your SMTP server to allow using the useStartTLS parameter.

    set EmailConfig useStartTLS true

    NEW IN 20.02.01

    Specify the user name for (required only for the SMTPS communication) set EmailConfig username test_user

    NEW IN 20.02.01

    Specify the password for the user (required only for the SMTPS communication) set EmailConfig password testpassword
  4. Restart the Application Server.


You must configure a mail server for all the Application Servers that run jobs. Otherwise, email delivery might be intermittent. The email delivery works only when a job is run on the Application Server with the correct emailconfig settings.

Importing the certificate of the SMTPS server

To prevent certificate-related warnings while accessing the SMTPS server, you must import the CA-signed certificate chain for the SMTPS server into TrueSight Server Automation.

Do the following:

  1. Obtain the SMTPS server certificate.
  2. Log in to the system where TrueSight Server Automation is installed.
    • (Windows) Log in as an administrator.
    • (Linux) Log in as a root user.
  3. Navigate to the path where the keytool is located.
  4. Run the following command to import the certificate:

    <path_to_keytool>\keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore <BladeLogic_install_path>\NSH\jre\lib\security\cacerts" 
     -storepass <password> -noprompt -alias <cert_name> -file <certificate_from_email_Server>.crt


    <path_to_keytool>/keytool -import -trustcacerts -keystore <BladeLogic_install_path>/NSH/br/java/lib/security/cacerts"
     -storepass <password> -noprompt -alias <cert_name> -file <certificate_from_email_Server>.crt
  5. Similarly, import the other certificates from the certificate chain.

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