21.02.01: Patch 1

Review the fixes and updates for TrueSight Server Automation 21.02.01 that might impact your users.


This patch contains the following updates.

Control permissions on the files and subdirectories in the tmp directory

Temporary files and directories are created in the RSCD_INSTALL_DIR/tmp directory during various operations performed in Server Automation. With this version, you can control the permissions on these files and subdirectories by using a new parameter, RSCDTmpFileFolderPermissions in the agentconfig section of the blasadmin utility. For more information about this parameter, see Controlling permissions on the files and subdirectories in the tmp directory.

Support for encrypting emails

You can enable the use of the StartTLS protocol with SMTP while communicating with an SMTP server by using a new parameter, useStartTLS in the EmailConfig command . When set to true, the emails are encrypted. When set to false, emails are sent in plain text. For more information about this parameter, see Configuring a mail server

Sequence ID in the Batch job notifications

Server Automation now includes the sequence ID in the notification payload that is sent for a Batch job. The sequence ID indicates the order in which a child job is executed.

For example, the following notification payload contains sequence IDs for 3 jobs. For the Batch job, the sequence ID is null. For the Deploy and NSH Script child jobs, the sequence IDs are 0 and 1 respectively.

        "sequenceId": null,
        "startTime": "Mon May 03 11:31:37 IST 2021",
        "jobType": {"id": 200,"name": "Batch Job"}
        "sequenceId": 0,
        "startTime": "Mon May 03 11:31:37 IST 2021",
        "jobType": {"id": 30, "name": "Deploy Job"}
        "sequenceId": 1,
        "startTime": "Mon May 03 11:34:08 IST 2021",
        "jobType": {"id": 111,"name": "NSH Script Job"}

cleanupFileServer command updates

The Delete cleanupFileServer command now includes a new parameter, is_DryRun. When set to true, the command output displays the names and size of the files to be deleted. When set to false, the files are deleted directly. For more information about the command, see the blicli documentation .

Support for additional platforms

Server Automation now supports the following additional platforms: 

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 on the IBM zSeries architecture for the RSCD Agent and Smart Agent modules
  • Ubuntu 20.04 for the Patch module

For the complete list of supported operating systems, see Supported platforms.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Cluster

Server Automation supports SQL Server 2019 Cluster.

For the complete list of supported databases, see Database support.

REST API updates

This version supports REST APIs for the File Deploy jobs and Snapshot jobs. You can use these APIs to retrieve job runs results for these jobs when they are executed as part of a Batch job. 

For more details about these endpoints, see REST API endpoints supported in TrueSight Server Automation.

Supported versions of TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation

TrueSight Server Automation 21.02.01 is compatible with TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation version 20.02.02 with a HotFix. 

If you are using TrueSight Smart Reporting for Server Automation, upgrade it to 20.02.02 with Hotfix prior to upgrading TrueSight Server Automation to 21.02.01. For more information about the Hotfix, see  Enablement hotfix .

Downloading the patch

This patch includes full installers for all components. You can download the files for this patch from BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD). For the download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Applying the patch

The following table explains the various scenarios for applying the patch:

ScenarioPerform these steps

You do not have TrueSight Server Automation installed in your environment.

You already have one of the following versions of TrueSight Server Automation in your environment:

  • 20.02, 20.02.01, 21.02
  • 8.9.x


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