Server tier

The server tier consists of RSCD agents on remote servers. The Application Server communicates with RSCD agents and initiates all communication to perform ad hoc and scheduled tasks. 

An RSCD agent contains an add-on feature called the Smart Agent. The Smart Agent communicates with the Application Server through the Smart Hub to send work requests.

The following table provides information about each of the core functional components:



Smart Agent

Smart Agent is located on the same host as that of the RSCD agent. It generates enrollment and RSCD agent status requests that are processed by the Application Server.

Smart HubSmart Hub acts as a medium of communication between the Smart Agent and Application Server.

NEW IN 20.02.01 Smart Hub Gateway

Smart Hub Gateway is a component of Smart Hub that facilitates connection between the Application Server and the Agents that are installed in a virtual private network.
Application ServerThe Smart Agent module of Application Server manages auto-enrollment, status updates, and other operations as requested by the Smart Agents. This module regularly polls the Smart Hub to check for work requests from the Smart Agents.
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