Application Server performance recommendations

The following topics discuss performance recommendations that are related to the Application Server.

For information about obtaining performance data from monitoring tools that are available at any BMC Sever Automation Console installation, see Monitoring Application Server performance through monitoring tools.

Application Server and the RCP client

The Application Server and the RCP client (the TrueSight Server Automation Console) must be located on the same Local Area Network (LAN). Remote users can use the console through either RDP or Citrix from a remote computer to the computer where the console resides.

Application Server and the database server

If an Application Server participates in Application Server cluster and is configured as a job server or config server, then that Application Server must be physically co-located on the same Local Area Network (LAN) as the database server hosting the TrueSight Server Automation schema.

Processing across mount points: for UNIX only

You can configure the Application Server to let snapshots, audits, and BLPackages cross UNIX mount points. You do this by setting the following blasadmin parameters to true:

  • SnpAudPkgNetworkMounts
  • SnpAudPkgCrossMounts

Setting SnpAudPkgNetworkMounts and SnpAudPkgCrossMounts to true can have a negative effect on the performance of TrueSight Server Automation snapshots, audits, and BLPackages that target Windows servers with filesystem mounts. BMC Software strongly recommends that you do not use these parameters on Windows platforms.

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