20.02 enhancements

TrueSight Server Automation 20.02 offers the following key features and enhancements:

RSCD agent enhancement

The RSCD agent now includes a new Smart Agent feature to perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor the status of RSCD agent and share the status information with the Application Server.
  • Send a request to the Application Server to register the new server without manual intervention.

For more information about the capabilities provided by Smart Agents, see Overview of Smart Agents.

For information about using the Smart Agent capabilities, see Getting started with Smart Agents.

Patch enhancement

TrueSight Server Automation now supports the rebooting of Windows servers before applying patches to prevent patch job failures. When you run a patch job on the Windows server that is waiting for a reboot, the server is first rebooted and then the job is started.

For information about using this option, see Specifying job options.

Enhanced offline database cleanup

TrueSight Server Automation now supports the cleaning of unused data from the BL_Value tables to improve the Application Server performance. For details, see Running the offline database cleanup utility.

Compliance template enhancements

TrueSight Server Automation now supports the following new templates: CIS Windows 2019 and DISA STIG Windows 2019 

For information about downloading and importing these templates, see the following topics:

BLCLI enhancement

The new "Utility - simpleExportAuditResultV2" command is added to export the results of an Audit job. For more information, see BLCLI commands added, updated, or removed in recent versions.

Security enhancement

The "* rw" parameter, which allowed anonymous access to the RSCD agent host, is now disabled in the Exports file that is deployed with the RSCD agent installation. Therefore, you must configure the Exports file to grant access to the RSCD agent. If you want to use the "* rw" parameter, configure the Exports file to uncomment this parameter.

You can configure the Exports file during the RSCD agent installation. For more information, see the following topics:

Support for new REST APIs

New REST APIs are added to the following resources: Deploy jobs, NSH script jobs, Patching jobs, and BLPackage

You can use these new APIs to perform the following operations:

  • Execute with approval operation on Deploy, NSH Script, and Patching jobs.
  • Update schedules for NSH Script and Deploy jobs.
  • Retrieve the details of a BLPackage.

For more information, see REST API endpoints.

Support for new operating system

TrueSight Server Automation now supports RHEL 8 for virtualization. For more information, see Supported platforms.

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