TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Mainframes 11.5

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The TrueSight Capacity Optimizer for Mainframes performs the following functions:

  • Extract IBM z/OS and subsystem metrics from SMF and IBM RMF data
  • Load the extracted metrics into the TrueSight Capacity Optimization Data Warehouse
updated 30 May

Getting started


Product overview and key concepts



Procedures for configuring and using Capacity Optimization for Mainframes



Objects and metrics reference



Deployment setup, system requirements, and installation tasks



Configuration and maintenance



BMC messages from the following product lines:

  • BMC products for DB2
  • BMC products for IMS
  • Cost Optimization products
  • MainView products


This topic provides access to PDFs that support this product. It also explains how to create your own custom PDFs.

Creating a custom PDF

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FAQs and additional resources

This topic answers common questions and explains how to access additional resources, including BMC Support.

Frequently asked questions

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