Mainframe Automation overview

Mainframe Automation helps you reduce mainframe computing costs and improve service by automating detection and remediation of potential problems across systems, subsystems, transactions, databases, and applications.

Business challenge

Manually performing complex mainframe operations is labor intensive and error prone, extending or even causing service disruptions and outages.

Business value

BMC Mainframe Automation mitigates the risk of outages and penalties associated with missed deadlines and broken service level agreements (SLAs). It provides automatic correct response to conditions and automates error-prone and repetitive manual interventions. Mainframe Automation detects problems sooner so they can be fixed faster, all before service is disrupted, which minimizes downtime.

Implementing the use cases contained in Mainframe Automation helps you:

  • Improve service performance and availability
  • Minimize risk of downtime and missed SLAs
  • Reduce manual effort to support growth
  • Speed operations so that IT can respond quickly to changing business needs
  • Eliminate mainframe production workloads availability problems
  • Easily generate simple rules and advanced automation for a comprehensive alert system

Key products involved

  • MainView Alarm Manager
  • MainView AutoOPERATOR
  • BMC MAXM Database Advisor for IMS

For more information

For more information about Mainframe Automation, contact your BMC sales representative.

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