Key concepts

Business Service Management (BSM) for Data Center Automation, from BMC Software, provides modular solutions, or value paths, that focus on different areas of data center automation. Each value path consists of multiple elements that make up a roadmap to maturity. These value paths help you eliminate manual and isolated tasks and adopt a comprehensive approach to automating data center activities and processes. BSM for Data Center Automation helps you:

  • Know what assets are in the data center, how they are configured, and how the assets relate to the applications they support
  • Modify assets to meet standard configurations through automation of well-defined processes and policies
  • Ensure compliance and governance over time using policy-based automation

The TrueSight Automation Suite provides components that support elements of the following value paths:

Full capabilities of the TrueSight Automation Suite

For this release, this site describes only cross-product solutions. In future releases, this site will expand to include the larger scope of functionality that the TrueSight Automation Suite offers for data center automation. For a generalized description of the full capabilities of the TrueSight Automation Suite, see:

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