Job Scheduling and Workload Automation overview

Job Scheduling and Workload Automation helps you gain control of IT workloads. This value path contains use cases for an enterprise-wide solution that unifies job scheduling and batch processing and proactively determines the impact of workload processes on business services.

Business challenge

Complex business processes characterize today's dynamic business environments. Each of these business processes requires scheduling. In addition, these heterogeneous production environments require interoperability between mainframes, distributed systems, and various applications. To efficiently schedule production applications, the scheduling solution must tightly integrate with tape management, data analyzing, event management, and output management products.

Business value

Job Scheduling and Workload Automation eliminates reliance on multiple tool sets and staff resources with automated scheduling processes that help you manage priorities according to business needs and reduce your software footprint and deployment.

Implementing the use cases in Job Scheduling and Workload Automation helps you to:

  • Maximize hardware and software investments 
  • Centralize the management of dynamic heterogeneous production environments
  • Save administrator time and reduce manual errors

Job Scheduling and Workload Automation improves service performance and availability by ensuring that production work completes on time and in sequence, which minimizes risk of downtime and missed service level agreements (SLAs). It also reduces manual effort to support growth and speeds operations so that IT can respond quickly to changing business needs.

Key product

The BMC CONTROL-M for z/OS product is a business-integrated scheduler designed to proactively manage and integrate diverse business processes. This product is part of an enterprise-wide solution supporting over 20 platforms and commonly used applications such as SAP R/3 and Oracle Applications. The advanced capabilities of BMC CONTROL-M for z/OS guarantee the vital service levels necessary for the success of your business. The product is also a member of the INCONTROL for IBM z/OS family of products that provides complete production management.

For more information

For more information about Job Scheduling and Workload Automation, contact your BMC sales representative.

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