Identifying issues between TrueSight Orchestration and BMC Remedy ITSM

When you receive an error message from the BMC Remedy adapters, it is not always clear whether the error is from BMC Remedy or TrueSight Orchestration, but the error message itself gives a few indicators:

  • If the error contains a BMC Remedy error type and number, the error message is from BMC Remedy, though it might be caused by the adapter request. You can check the details of the error messages in the log file to get information about the error. For example, this error message in the grid.log is from BMC Remedy, and it indicates that the communication between TrueSight Orchestration and BMC Remedy had reached a timeout limit:

01 Jan 2010 01:01:01,001 ERROR RemedyAction : RemedyAction: error occurred performing query:
Message[summary=Exception occurred in Adapter 'RemedyActorAdapter'., detail=Remedy exception:
'[Type=2][Num=91][Text=RPC call failed][AppendedText=ONC/RPC call timed out]']
  • If the error is in the grid.log and not the processes.log, the error is from TrueSight Orchestration. This is because the processes.log contains the adapter request and response, so any messages sent by BMC Remedy will be included there. For more information about logging in TrueSight Orchestration, see the Troubleshooting topic in the TrueSight Orchestration online documentation.
  • If the error in the processes.log is "An internal error occurred", the error is from TrueSight Orchestration. The grid.log will have more information.
  • If the adapter response indicates that the command was run as a "success" but still contains an error, the issue is with the command or BMC Remedy. This means that the adapter ran the command as expected, and BMC Remedy returned an error message because the command caused an error.

After you have determined the source of the error, there are a few steps you can take to get more information:

  • Verify that BMC Remedy is running properly. In AR System 7.6.03 or later, run the ARSystemMaintenanceTool and access the Health Check feature. On earlier versions, verify you can log on with a browser or BMC Remedy User, and verify there are no errors in arerror.log for 390600.
  • Enable additional logging on the BMC Remedy ITSM server. Log the output to files. For information about how to do this see "Using log files" in the BMC Remedy Action Request System Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide.
    • For issues with the Monitor adapter, enable User, API and Alert Logging.
    • For issues with the actor adapter, enable User, API, Filter, and Plug-in logging.
  • These logs are enabled by accessing AR System Administration console. Navigate to System > General > Server Information, and access the Logging page. They can also be enabled from the ARSystemMaintenanceTool. For more information, see "Using log files" in the BMC Remedy Action Request System Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Enable additional logging on the Remedy adapters in TrueSight Orchestration. For details on how to enable logging, see Debug level adapter logging topic in the TrueSight Orchestration online documentation.
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