Assess server software compliance

IT managers need to ensure that the appropriate software is deployed to the correct servers.

BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping lets you discover software installed on servers throughout the data center. By combining that information with the server management capabilities of TrueSight Server Automation, IT managers and administrators can:

  • Browse servers to assess their compliance based on software titles and version levels.
  • Group servers by software type, software vendor, operating system, and other characteristics.
  • Use groups to run targets jobs for patching, snapshot, and audit purposes.
  • Determine server compliance with standard software configurations and remediate non-compliant servers.


This use case lets IT managers and administrators more easily analyze and manage software deployments and server configurations. You can improve efficiency by:

  • Managing software more efficiently. You can visually identify hardware and software combinations in real time. You can group servers based on the characteristics of their installed software. For example, you might want to group all Oracle 10.2 servers because they need to be upgraded.
  • Applying software upgrades more intelligently. You can rapidly identify when software that needs upgrading has dependencies and apply patches in the correct order.
  • Inventorying applications easily. You can quickly determine what software applications are installed, including version numbers for each software instance. For example, you might want to know all servers where Apache Tomcat version 4.1 is installed, as well as how many instances are installed on each server.

For compliance purposes, this use case lets you define a template based on a particular type and version of software. Using the template, you can identify which servers match the template and correct the configuration of any non-compliant servers by deploying a new version of the software or removing any unauthorized software. Ensuring that only approved software versions are installed lowers procurement and support costs and lessens the chance of unauthorized software generating a negative business impact.

What to do next

To use discovery to assess a server's software compliance, you must perform the following tasks:





Install and configure required products

Installing server software compliance

Configuring server software compliance

IT manager or

Determine software compliance levels and correct deficiencies

Assessing and remediating server software compliance

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