Before contacting BMC

If you are experiencing issues with BMC PATROL for Application Management, you can contact BMC Support for assistance. However, before contacting the BMC Customer Support, ensure that you have the following information available so that the Customer Support team can begin working on your issue immediately:

  • Product information
    • Product name
    • Product version (release number)
    • License number and password (trial or permanent)
  • Operating system and environment information
    • Computer type
    • Operating system type, version, and service pack or other maintenance level such as PUT or PTF
    • System hardware configuration
    • Serial numbers
    • Related software (database, application, and communication) including type, version, and service pack or maintenance level
  • Sequence of events leading to the issue
  • Commands and options that you used
  • Messages received (and the time and date that you received them)
    • Product error messages
    • Messages from the operating system, such as file system full
    • Messages from related software
  • The following log files:
    • APM_PSL_<MonthDayYearHourMinuteSecond>.log (for example: APM_PSL_ 102115125634.log)
    • JDCollector.log (for example: JDCollector.log1, JDCollector.log2 )

Where to go from here

See Support information for details about where to send this information.

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