Fix Pack 1

For information about issues corrected in this Fix Pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Installation and upgrades

Fix Packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Components of the Fix Pack are cumulative and contain all updates released prior to the Fix Pack. Some of the files must be manually replaced.

Before you install the Fix Pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product. For more details, see Installing.

Upgrading to Fix Pack 1

  1. Back up the following files up to a folder outside the installation directory.
    • APM_CMA_Configuration.lib (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl)
    • APM_CMACollector.lib (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl)
    • APM_Synthetic.lib (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl)
    • APM_common_generic.lib (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl)
    • APM_common.lib (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl)
    • APM-JD.jar (default directory %PATROL_HOME%\APM_KM\jars)
  2. Stop the PATROL agent service.
  3. Copy the .lib files to the following location %PATROL_HOME%\lib\psl.
  4. Copy APM-JD.jar file to the following location %PATROL_HOME%\APM_KM\jars.
  5. Start the PATROL agent service.


 %PATROL_HOME% refers to the home directory of your PATROL installation.

  • Default directory in Windows is C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Patrol3.
  • Default directory in Linux is /opt/bmc/Patrol3.
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