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Track-It! 2022 Release 01 online technical documentation is also available in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
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The displayed language depends on your browser language. However, you can change languages from the Language menu.

Web Services API

The Web Services API feature enables software developers to integrate Track-It! and other applications or custom utilities in your organization.

The following conditions apply:

  • The API can be used to perform various actions for Tickets, Assignments and Solutions such as creating Tickets and searching for Tickets/Assignments or Solutions created through other interfaces, and getting an asset by asset name or number.
  • An XML JSON RESTful Web Service interface to BMC Track-It! is available for all platforms for integration with other applications.
  • Functions are available for creating Issues, updating Issues and searching records for Tickets, Assignments and Solutions.
  • After logging out, the Swagger authentication is not updated.


For Web Services API, a new virtual directory (WebAPI) is automatically created by the Track-It! installer.

The Track-It! Web Services APIs can be launched with this URL in the browser: http(s)://servernameORip/trackitvirtualdirectory/WebAPI


The following video (6:12) shows how to work with Web Service APIs in Track-It!: Open link

Support for Track-It! API/Web Services 

When it comes to support for the Web Services APIs, as a general rule, BMC Support Open link  can only answer basic questions about usage and where to find documentation resources for developing against the API. The technical support team will not be able to troubleshoot custom code or perform any coding analysis.


Support can:

  • Refer customers to documentation about the API
  • Refer customers to the interactive API documentation tool (Swagger)
  • Show customers how to use the interactive API documentation tool (Swagger)
  • Open a request for assistance from Track-It! R&D team in the case where it is believed that a defect has been discovered in the API
  • Use the Swagger tool with the customer to try to reproduce any issues/errors and log a request for assistance with R&D if needed

 Support cannot:

  • Troubleshoot customer code
  • Suggest coding tips or recommendations
  • Attempt to reproduce coding issues with the API (outside of Swagger)
  • If there are specific questions about coding or code syntax, technical support will refer customers to the Track-It! community where questions can be posted
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