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Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx

The following tables provide a matrix that you can use to compare the features available in all previous, current, and future releases of Track-It!:

ModulesTrack-It! 11.4

Track-It! 2021

Track-It! 2022 Release 01

(August 2022)

Customizable Dashboard with drill down
Help Desk(tick)(tick)(tick)
Solutions/Knowledge Management(tick)


Self Service Portal(tick)(tick)(tick)
Crystal Reports replaced with Track-It! report
Change management(tick)(tick)(tick)
Inventory/Asset Management(tick)(tick)(tick)
Remote Control(tick)(tick)(tick)
Cross browser compatibility
Form customization
Business Rules Engine

Patch Management


Software Deployment


Mobile Device Management


Power Management


Compliance Management


Technician Mobile App with Help Desk

Technician Mobile App with Help Desk, Solutions, Asset

Self Service Mobile App




Survey Monkey Integration
Barcode for Windows CE(tick)

Barcode for Android(tick)(tick)(tick)
Barcode for iOS
Software License Management(tick)Preview(tick)
Password Reset(tick)


The Mobile Device Management, Software Deployment, Power Management, Compliance Management, and Patch Management modules are additional licensable features available through the integrated BMC Client Management (BCM) console.

Administrative featuresTrack-It! 11.4

Track-It! 2021

Track-It! 2022 Release 01

(August 2022)

Email to Ticket (multiple inboxes)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Multiple Self Service Languages(tick)(tick)(tick)
Self Service Required Fields(tick)(tick)(tick)
IMAP/POP3 Email Support(tick)(tick)(tick)
Exchange Web Services Support (including OAuth)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Directory Importer – Active Directory(tick)(tick)(tick)
Directory Importer – LDAP(tick)

Directory Importer – Multiple Active Directory support
Scheduled Tickets(tick)(tick)(tick)
Date Math in filters/rules(tick)(tick)(tick)
Data segregation for Help Desk
Data segregation for other modules

Directory Importer Scheduling(tick)(tick)(tick)
Multiple Technician Languages(tick)

Round Robin

Full Audit Trail(tick)

Help Desk Web Services APIs
Asset Attachments
Parent/Child Tickets
Language Support

Language Editor for Technical Portal
Language Editor for Self Service(tick)(tick)(tick)

This topic will be updated to keep you informed about the availability of new features in the upcoming releases.

* These features will be added to the Track-It! platform in subsequent releases.

All of the future product plans and releases described herein relate to BMC’s current product development considerations, which are at the sole discretion of BMC and are subject to change and/or cancellation at any time. BMC cannot and does not provide any assurance as to whether these plans will result in any future releases of the nature described. These future product plans should not be viewed as commitments on BMC’s part and thus should not be relied upon in customer purchase decisions.

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