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Getting started

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If you are new to the Track-It! product, the information in this section introduces you to the product features.


  • Before upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 20xx, learn more about:
    • Track-It! 20xx features
    • The differences between Track-It! 11.4 and Track-It! 20xx
    • The features planned for future releases
    If a feature that you need is missing in the table at Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx, you must consider waiting until it is delivered in an upcoming release.
  • If you are migrating to Track-It! 20xx because your operating system is no longer supported, note that we continue to support Track-It! 11.4. For more details about supported operating systems for Track-It! 11.4, see System requirements Open link .

You must note the following important points before installing or migrating to Track-It! 2021:

  • BMC strongly recommends that you watch the following training video (15:08) about installing Track-It!: Open link

  • Track-It! 2021 is a new platform and BMC is still developing some edge components.
    If you plan to upgrade to Track-It! 2021 from an earlier release, BMC recommends that you read Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx. This topic describes which components have been delivered and which remain to be delivered.
  • Upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2021 involves using automated tools to migrate data. For more information, see Upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2022.
  • You can download Track-It! licenses and software from BMC License Portal Open link .
    For download instructions, see How to obtain your Track-It! license & software Open link .

For information about Track-It! 2021, contact BMC Support at Open link  or go to Support Central Open link .

This section contains the following topics:

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