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Creating and managing priorities

Priorities help technicians rate the importance of records and decide the precedence in which the records must be resolved. You can configure priorities to manage your records logically and effectively based on the organization's needs. The expected due date, expected fix date, and expected response date of a record are calculated based on the priority of a record. 

Using Priority Hierarchy, you can set an order of precedence for the Category, Requestor, Location, and Department modules. Based on the priority hierarchy that is configured for a group, a record is assigned a priority. For more information, see Defining priority hierarchy.

You must have the system administrator permission to create and manage priorities.


The following video (6:47) provides information about configuring priorities and setting up priority hierarchy in Track-It!: Open link

Out-of-the-box priorities

Track-It! provides some out-of-the-box priorities. Based on your requirement, you can modify the out-of-the-box priorities or create new priorities. The out-of-the-box priorities take the server time zone.


The time zone of a priority for a server installed in Houston is the UTC time zone.

The following table provides information and suggested resolution times for each out-of-the-box priority:

PriorityDescription Resolution time
1 - CriticalHighest priority to organization2 hours
2 - HighHigh priority to organization4 hours
3 -  MediumMedium priority to organization8 hours
4 - LowLow priority to organization 5 days
5 - Very lowLowest priority to organization10 days


A server is down, it has high impact on the organization's work and needs immediate attention. A ticket raised for this issue can be assigned the priority 1 - Critical.

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