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Configuring asset management

As an administrator, you can discover, audit, and remotely control assets in Track-It!. By using BMC Client Management web services, Track-It! discovers and manages assets in your network.

Before a technician can manage assets in Track-It!, the administrator must configure and establish a connection with BMC Client Management. As an administrator, you may choose to configure additional scanners other than the default BMC Client Management scanner to scan across a geographically distributed network. In a simple network, the default scanner is sufficient to discover assets from the network. You can choose to schedule asset discovery and asset synchronization.  

You can perform all the asset management functions on demand. Based on your role and requirements, you can customize the asset view from the Asset Management dashboard.

This topic lists the administrative tasks required to successfully configure the asset management module in Track-It!.

Tasks of a Track-It! administrator

The process table lists the administrative tasks that are required:


Setting up BMC Client Management

Configure BMC Client Management master server in the Track-It!.

Establish a connection between Track-It! and BMC Client Management.

Setting up BMC Client Management

Manage licenses

Apply the BMC Client Management licenses in Track-It!.

Applying a license file
3Manage asset module permissionsAssign technicians required permissions to manage assets.Managing permissions for the Asset module
3Network discovery

Discover the assets in your network

The default scanner is the BMC Client Management master server that was configured in Track-It!.

Discovering assets
4Asset synchronizationSchedule asset synchronization to update assets from BMC Client Management to Track-It!.Synchronizing assets
5Define credentialsEnter domain credentials required to roll out BMC Client Management agents on target assets in the network.Defining credentials to deploy an agent on assets
8Customize asset forms for groupsCustomize asset forms with additional fields based on how each group wants to use the asset form.Customizing forms for groups
9Configuring Asset Management lookup fieldConfigure values for Asset Management lookup fields.Configuring values for an Asset Management lookup field
10Defining asset typesClassify asset types into a hierarchy of custom categoriesDefining Asset Types

Where to go from here

After you complete the administrative tasks listed above, technicians can create and manage assets.

Managing assets

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