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Track-It! is a web application made up of several different computer programs. It contains a database that is integrated with the Application server to access the data in the database.

  • The Application server includes various services that run in the background and a Graphical User Interface for technicians, Self Service users, Mobile Client, and the Web-Service interface.
  • The Client Management server serves all the asset management capabilities and connects to the same database server as the Application server. A highly scalable and flexible architecture ensures efficient client management irrespective of the complexity of the enterprise infrastructure.

Track-It! can scale from a single technician to hundreds of technicians logged into the system serving Self Service user sessions. It provides a reliable method to monitor the status of all systems on a network and isolates the exact point of failure, so that network or system problems can be resolved quickly.

Types of architecture

You can deploy Track-It! in two different varieties:

  • On-site—all-in-one
    Track-It! is generally deployed in an all-in-one variety, meaning that all components are installed on the same machine including the database server.
  • On-site—distributed
    You can run the Track-It! Database, Application server, and the Client Management server on separate machines, thereby distributing the application to handle scalability and reliability.

The following figure shows the Track-It! deployment architecture.


You can deploy each server block (Application server, Database server, and Client Management server) on the same or separate servers.

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