The section provides information about the prerequisites and processes for the following types of upgrade:


  • Before upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 20xx, learn more about:
    • Track-It! 20xx features
    • The differences between Track-It! 11.4 and Track-It! 20xx
    • The features planned for future releases
    If a feature that you need is missing in the table at Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx, you must consider waiting until it is delivered in an upcoming release.
  • If you are migrating to Track-It! 20xx because your operating system is no longer supported, note that we continue to support Track-It! 11.4. For more details about supported operating systems for Track-It! 11.4, see System requirements .

  • The existing BMC Client Management (BCM) instance is not upgraded when you upgrade Track-It!. If you need to update BCM, you can download the latest BCM update and install it on your BCM server by using the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) facility. For more information, see BMC Client Management documentation .
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