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Tracking Business Rules and SLA events

The Business Rule Event Viewer allows you to view the Business Rules and SLA milestones that are triggered or are waiting to be processed. When a record meets a Business Rule or an SLA criteria, an event is created and the Business Rules and SLA milestones are queued for execution.

Depending on your job monitor settings, an event might not appear immediately in the Business Rule Event Viewer. When a Business Rule or SLA criteria are met, an event is created and saved to the database. The service then adds the event to the queue for processing. For more information, see Configuring job monitor settings and Scheduling Track-It! to check email messages.

For example, setting the Poll Interval to 60 seconds and Job Fetch to 10 records allows the queue to fetch 10 records every 60 seconds. If fewer than 10 records require job processing, only those jobs are processed. The queue does not check the database again until the specified poll interval time has elapsed.


If you filter the list of business events by System Events, a list of all events is displayed for modules for which the Business Rules are enabled. At the next polling interval, the system events are evaluated to determine whether they meet the conditions for any of the enabled Business Rules. If they do meet any of the conditions, the events become an instance of a Business Rule and are placed in the queue again. If they do not meet any of the conditions, the system events are removed from the queue.

If the outgoing email settings are not configured, the Business Rule engine will use the local SMTP server to send an email.

If the events are displayed in red text, it signifies that the Business Rule or an SLA milestone has encountered a problem and is automatically suspended or put in the Paused state. Usually, an event is suspended because of an error in the Business Rule design. A job is suspended only after the system has exhausted the retry limits defined in the Job Monitor Settings. After you resolve the error, you can resume these events.

You can perform various actions on the Business Rule events and SLA milestones from the . You can also select a custom refresh rate for each Business Rule or SLA milestone.

To perform an action on a Business Rule or an SLA milestone and select a refresh rate

  1. On the header bar, expand the Hamburger menu  and select Configuration.
  2. Click SLAs and Business Rules and then click .
  3. From the list of Business Rules, click the Business Rule on which you want to perform the action.
  4. Click More Actions menu, and select a preferred action.
  5. To select a refresh rate, click the Refresh menu and select a preferred rate.

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