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Microsoft SQL login accounts (2020 Release 01)

Track-It! creates several SQL login accounts during and after installation.

This topic describes the SQL login accounts, their access levels, and how this structure provides high security for your data.


The following important considerations apply:

  • Track-It! does not create any SQL login accounts with admin access to the entire SQL server. This ensures that neither users nor the application can access anything on the SQL server apart from the Track-It! database.
  • The SQL login accounts created for individual technicians do not have admin rights for the server or the Track-It! database. The design allows high database level logging and control over each technician login, its access permissions to the application, various Track-It! modules, and Track-It! data.
  • The security design is based on a model that has been tested in other BMC products that use a similar architecture.

Login accounts

The following SQL login accounts are created and used.


The following SQL login accounts are the minimum accounts created on a fresh or new installation of Track-It! and BMC Client Management (BCM) product. The number of SQL login accounts increases as new groups or technicians are created.

SQL login accountDescription

Used for administrative purposes, such as creating technicians in the database

The account has the db_owner role on the Track-It! database.


Used for administrative purposes

The schema associated with this login account is used to create tables or views that only technicians with system admin permissions can access.

SYSTEMACCOUNTUsed for administrative purposes and has the SMSYSDBA role
SELFSERVICEUsed when a requestor logs into self-service portal
ADMINISTRATOR 1 The default technician login account
HELP DESK 1 The default group

Created only when BCM is also installed

This login account has the db_owner, db_datareader, and db_datawriter roles on the BCM database.

1 Track-It! creates a new SQL login account whenever a new technician or group is created.

For more information, see Knowledge Article 166566  on Support Central .

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