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Logging in to and logging out of the Track-It! Mobile App

As a technician, you can start a Track-It! Mobile App session by logging into Track-It! from your mobile device.


To enable auto-login for the Technician and Self Service portals, you must turn on the AD authentication.

To log in to your Track-It! Mobile App session

  1. From your mobile device, open the Track-It! Mobile App.
    The Track-It! Mobile App server validation screen is displayed.
  2. Enter your Track-It! Server URL (for example, http://TrackItServer/TrackIt), and then tap Continue.
    The Track-It! Mobile App verifies your URL and displays the Login page.
  3. In the Login page, enter your credentials as follows:
    • Login ID – Track-It! Technician User Name
    • Password – Unique password established for the User Name
    • Group – Assigned group for the technician


      You can use your Microsoft Windows Domain Name, User Name, and Password to log in to the Track-It! Mobile app as follows:

      1. In the Login ID field, specify your user name in the following format: domainName\userName.

      2. In the Password field, enter your Windows password.

      You cannot log in to Track-It! using your Windows local account.

  4. Tap Login.

    The Track-It! Mobile App displays the My Open Tickets system view from the Help Desk module.


    If you are already logged in to a Track-It! session from a different device, you are prompted whether to close the existing login. If you want to close the existing login and start a Mobile App session, select Yes. If do not want to start a Mobile App session and want to keep the existing login open, select No. When you start a new Track-It! session, the new session overwrites any other session that is already open.

To log out from your Track-It! Mobile App session

  1. From any Help Desk view or Search view, tap .
  2. Tap Logout.
    The Mobile App logs out from Track-It! and displays the Login screen.


    If you delete information about the Mobile App that is stored on your mobile device, all data related to URL, permissions, credentials, and logs are removed.

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