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Installing the Migration Tool

This topic describes how to download and install the Migration Tool.


You must install the Migration Tool on Track-It! 11.4 application server only. The Migration Tool does not work if you install it on any other server.

Before you begin

Make sure that all system requirements given in Migration Tool considerations and prerequisities are completed.

To install the Migration Tool

  1. Go to Electronic Product Download Open link  (EPD) and download the Migration Tool for Track-It! 2020.
    The Migration Tool setup file is named T!2020_DB_Migration_20.20.02.095_x64.exe.
  2. Run the setup file.
    The Migration Tool installation process starts.
  3. On the License screen, click Accept.

  4. On the Track-It! 2020 Database Migration Tool Setup screen, select the Destination folder to install the Migration Tool, and then click the Install button.
    The default destination folder is C:\Program Files\BMC\Track-It! 2020 Migration Tool. The Migration Tool is successfully installed.

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