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Defining priority hierarchy

When you create a category, a location, a department, or a requestor, you can assign a default priority to each of them. When you create a record, if you enter a value in the Category, Location, Department, and Requestor fields, the priority of a ticket is populated based on the precedence order defined in the priority hierarchy of the technician group. The higher-ranked items in the priority hierarchy take precedence over the lower-ranked items. A unique priority hierarchy can be configured differently for each group.

If a service level agreement (SLA) is attached to a record, the priority of the SLA takes precedence over the priority hierarchy. However, if no SLA is attached to a record, the priority is assigned based on the priority hierarchy.

Priority hierarchy in Self Service tickets (2020 Release 02)

Priority hierarchy applies to tickets created from Self Service. The SELF SERVICE group is added to the Group list on the Priority Hierarchy page.

When you create a ticket in Self Service, the priority of the ticket is automatically calculated based on the priority of CategoryLocation, Department, and Requestor. The calculated priority is already populated when the New Ticket form opens.


The priority of a ticket is calculated every time you:

  • Change the Category of the ticket
  • Apply a template in which one of the fields has its own priority value

Default priority hierarchy

By default, all groups are assigned the order of precedence in the priority hierarchy as shown in the following figure:

Based on this order of precedence, if the values for the Category, Location, Department, and Requestor fields have a priority, the ticket is assigned the priority based on the selected category. If the category does not have a default priority, the record is assigned the priority linked to the location and so on. By default, the same priority hierarchy is set for all technician groups. However, you can configure a custom priority hierarchy for each group.


Priority hierarchy applies only to those ticket and assignment forms that are opened (for creating or editing) by a technician. It does not apply to records that are created or updated by business rules or templates.

Priority hierarchy example

A group has a priority hierarchy set in the following order of precedence and each of the fields have a linked priority:

Precedence in priority hierarchyFieldDefault priority
1Department Medium

Based on the above priority hierarchy, the record that is created is assigned the priority Medium because the Department field has the highest precedence in the priority hierarchy.

To define a priority hierarchy for a group

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu , and select Configuration.
  2. Click SLAs and Business Rules.
  3. From Service Level Agreements menu, select Priority Hierarchy.
  4. On the Priority Hierarchy page, in the Group list, select a group.
  5. In the Priority preference (top-down order) section, click a value and use the up  and down  arrows to define the order of precedence.
  6. Click Save.

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