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Defining credentials to deploy an agent on assets

To enable Track-It! to perform an audit or access assets remotely, you must define the account credentials to deploy BMC Client Management agents. When an audit request or a request to remotely control is sent to an asset, Track-It! checks whether an agent is already installed. If an agent is not installed, a BMC Client Management agent is installed on that asset. At a given time, only one agent can be installed on an asset. When an asset update is in progress, you cannot remove the domain name from the agent credentials. If you want to remove the domain name, you must delete and create new agent credentials that contain the updated domain name.

Based on how you have classified your assets, you can configure multiple credentials to deploy agents. For example, you have classified your assets based on environment, you can define different credentials to deploy agents on assets in Windows and Linux environment.

You can also choose to deploy an agent automatically on the asset once the asset is discovered.

To define credentials to deploy an agent on assets

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu   and select Configuration.
  2. Click Asset Management and select Agent Configuration.
  3. To automatically allow Track-It! to deploy an agent after an asset is discovered, select the Automatically install agents on discovered devices check box.
  4. On the Agent Configuration page, click New.
  5. In the Account Credentials window, enter the credential details.

    NameSpecify a unique name to identify the credential set.
    User nameEnter the administrator user name.
    PasswordEnter the administrator password.
  6. To edit an existing account credential, select the account, and click Edit  .
  7. To delete an existing account credentials, select the account and click Delete .
  8. Click Save.
    The Agent Configuration page displays the list of  account credentials that are used by BMC Client Management to audit assets and remotely control assets.

To deploy an agent from Track-It! manually (2020 Release 02)

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu  and select Asset Management.
  2. Select the asset from the list to be deployed.
  3. Click Actions and select Audit Now.
    The agent is deployed on the asset first, and then the asset is audited.

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