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Track-It! 2020 Release 03 online technical documentation is also available in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (XL)

The displayed language depends on your browser language. However, you can change languages from the Language menu.

Configuring system settings

You can use system settings to configure the display settings, calendar settings, and general application behavior for Track-It!. You can configure the length of a tab name, select the first day of the week, and set up other preferences.

To configure system settings

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu  and select Configuration.
  2. Click Application Settings and then click System Settings.
  3. In the Display Settings section, perform the following actions:
    1. (Optional) If you want to display the details of a technician profile, select the Display full profile details in Technician profile check box.
    2. In the Number of characters to display in tab titles field, enter a value from 0 through 99.
    3. From the Decimal places to display for numeric fields list, select an appropriate value.
    4. (Optional) If you want to close active tabs automatically, select the Auto-close the active tab when the status is changed to 'Closed' check box.
  4. (Optional) To display the record details for all records, in the Record Details Behavior section, select the Always show record details check box.
  5. (2020 Release 03) To make ticket notes private by default, in the Ticket Notes Default Behavior section, select the Mark Notes as Private check box.
    To make the ticket notes public by default, clear the check box.
  6. In the Calendar Settings section, select the first day of the week from the list.


    The first day of week that you select is used across all calendar options in Track-It!.

  7. In the Remember User Setting section, based on your preference, select or clear the Remember the last logged in User check box.
  8. In the Error Message Setting section, based on your preference, select or clear Show detailed error messages to end users check box.
  9. Click Save.

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