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2020 Release 02

This topic contains information about enhancements in 2020 Release 02 of the Track-It! product, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the product update.

For enhancements or features added in earlier releases, see 20.19.xx and 20.18.xx features Open link .

For enhancements or features delivered in this release in comparison to Track-It! 11.4, see Track-It! 11.4 vs. Track-It! 20xx.


This product update includes the following enhancements:

Updates to Data Migration Tool and the data migration process

The Migration Tool is updated with new features and functions. The data migration process is updated.

For more information, see the Upgrading from Track-It! 11.4 to Track-It! 2020 section.

Support added for Pass-through Authentication

You can use Pass-through Authentication to log in to the Track-It! application using your Microsoft Windows credentials.

For more information, see To login using Pass-through Authentication (2020 Release 02).

Updates to Support specialists

Support specialist workflow is added for Self Service.

For more information, see Configuring support specialists.

Apply priority hierarchy in Self Service tickets

Priority hierarchy is applicable to tickets created from Self Service.

For more information, see Defining priority hierarchy.

Updates to Track-It! Mobile App

You can use Track-It! Mobile with Android 10 and iOS 13. You can use the Track-It! Mobile App outside the network of your organization.

For more information, see Overview of the Track-It! Mobile App.

Added support for email configuration using EWS with OAuth

You can configure incoming email using EWS with OAuth.

For more information, see To configure an incoming email mailbox.

Updates to installation in Standard and Evaluation modes

Minor updates to the installation process of Standard and Evaluation modes.

For more information, see To perform the installation by using a new database server in Standard mode and To perform the installation by using a new database server in Evaluation mode.

Updates to asset synchronizationFor more information, see Synchronizing assets.
Enable a secure LDAP connection

You can choose to enable a secure LDAP connection on the Add Directory Service dialog box.

For more information, see To add and configure a connection to Active Directory.

Support added for attachments in Form Templates

You can add attachments to Form Templates, both out-of-the-box and new.

For more information, see Attachments in templates (2020 Release 02).

Support added to generate access tokens with javascript code for Web APIs

You can generate access tokens for Track-It! with javascript code.

For more information, see Generating access token for Track-It!.

Updates to system requirements

System requirements for this product update have changed.

For more information, see System requirements.

Added topic for calculating duration from a priority

You can calculate duration from a priority.

For more information, see Calculating duration from a priority (2020 Release 02).

Downloading and installing the product update

For instructions on downloading and installing the update, see Installing.

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