Popup Web APIs

GET /values/{moduleSequence}/{fieldSequence}/{orderByFieldSequence}/{pageSize}/{pageNumber}


This is the popup API which returns all records of a virtual field of a module.

Type of call

URL Syntax


Request Authorization HeaderBearer access_token received through the Token API call. 

Request Parameters

  • (required) moduleSequence
    Specify the Sequence ID of the module.
  • (required) fieldSequence
    Specify the Sequence ID of the field.
  • orderByFieldSequence
    Specify the field to use for sorting the result set.
  • (required) pageSize
    Specify the page size, which is an integer.
  • (required) pageNumber
    Specify the page number, which is an integer.
Request BodyNone
Execution response

Returns all records of a field for a specified module

Important considerations
  • You need View Assignment Permission of the Module of the Virtual field to use Web API.
  • NULL values are not retrieved.
  • If zero is specified for PageSize or PageNumber, all records are retrieved.
  • This Web API returns only active records.




Bearer access_token:"ExPqpLF79Zi+vHZJIXZOGBSQVPKXlFVOfmQzMyfS7SGYJolrDAf3/LZR1qm9X+2OVY60OlEuUYOYaflcIjj7ytZ336b50mu4ieuPnx2AU2vCFgO3eqUe22Up"


"Count": 20,
"Results": [
"Sequence": 1,
"LastModified": "2019-02-15T16:20:07.83",
"LastUser": "_SMSYSADMIN_",
"FirstName": "System",
"LastName": "Administrator",
"Seq_GMT": 48,
"NumberofTicketsAssigned": 0,
"FullName": "System Administrator",
"GMTOffset": 5.5,
"GMTDLSavings": 0,
"GMTSequence": 48,
"GMTDescription": "(GMT+05:30) Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi",
"InActive": 0,
"PasswordExpires": 1,
"OperationsStaff": 0,
"UseWindowsAuthentication": 0,
"UseNamedLicense": 1,
"Available": "True",
"Reason": ""
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