Module Web APIs

The Module Web API enables you to request all of the fields and the respective sequence for any module.  The get call returns the category object in JSON Format.  The following details describe the Web API:

GET /module/{moduleSequence}/fields


Returns Sequence and Display Names of all fields for specified module in JSON format

Type of call

URL Syntax


Request Authorization HeaderBearer access_token received through the Token API call. 

Request Parameters

Specify the Sequence ID of the Module

Valid values are integers.  For example, moduleSequence=24 for Tickets.

Request BodyNone
Execution response

The following fields are retrieved for the module:

  • Field Sequence
  • Field Display Name
Important considerations
  • There are no required permissions to use this Web API.
  • Any change to the display name of the fields are shown in the response.



Request Authorization Header:

Bearer access_token:"ExPqpLF79Zi+vHZJIXZOGBSQVPKXlFVOfmQzMyfS7SGYJolrDAf3/LZR1qm9X+2OVY60OlEuUYOYaflcIjj7ytZ336b50mu4ieuPnx2AU2vCFgO3eqUe22Up"


{ "DisplayName": "Ticket ID" }
{ "DisplayName": "Last Modified" }
{ "DisplayName": "Last User" }
{ "DisplayName": "Seq_Group" }
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