After you obtain a Track-It! license, you can upload and apply the license file that has the extension .licx. For more information, see Applying a License file.
The following table provides information about licenses in Track-It!

License typeDescription
Self ServiceThese licenses are consumed when you provide Self Service access to your requestors.
ConcurrentThese licenses are consumed when a technician logs in and is released when a technician logs out.
NamedThese licenses are assigned to specific technicians.
Inventory Audit (agents)These licenses are consumed when a BMC Client Management agent is rolled out to audit an asset.
Agentless Hardware / Software InventoryThese licenses are consumed when BMC Client Management performs an agentless discovery of hardware and software details of an asset.
Remote ControlThese licenses are consumed when a BMC Client Management agent is rolled out to remotely control an asset.

These licenses are consumed when a Mobile device is registered using Track-It! Mobile App for scanning Barcode assets.


When you use a new mobile device to scan an asset tag or serial number, a Barcode license is automatically consumed and registered to the mobile device. You can release and retire any registered mobile device from its Barcode license by un-registering it. For more information, see Applying a license file.

Consider the following important points about Track-It! licenses:

  • A named license is consumed irrespective of the technician logging in to the application.
  • A technician with a named license does not consume a concurrent license upon logging into the application.
    For example, your Track-It! installation has three concurrent and three named licenses and three technicians with concurrent licenses are currently logged in to the application. If a fourth technician with a concurrent license tries to log in, an error message is displayed indicating there are no available licenses. However, if a technician with a named license tries to log in, they are granted access because their license is assigned specifically to them.
  • You can view the current license details on the License Update page (hamburger menu > Configuration > Application Settings > Product Updates > License Update). For more information, see Applying a license file.
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