Group Web APIs

The Group Web API enables you to request the active groups for a technician.  The post call returns the category object in JSON Format.  The following details describe the Web API:

POST /groups


Returns all active groups for the specified technician in JSON format

Type of callPOST
URL Syntax


Request ParametersNone
Request Body

Specify the authorizationInfo as follows:

  • (required) UserName – the technician Login ID
  • (required) password  the technician password

    Note: Valid values are strings in plain text.
Execution response

You can retrieve the following values of active groups linked to the technician:

  • Sequence
  • LastModified
  • LastUser
  • Code
  • Comments
  • InActive
Important considerations

This Web API:

  • Does not need any authorization.
  • Can retrieve only active groups.



Request Authorization Header:

Bearer access_token:"ExPqpLF79Zi+vHZJIXZOGBSQVPKXlFVOfmQzMyfS7SGYJolrDAf3/LZR1qm9X+2OVY60OlEuUYOYaflcIjj7ytZ336b50mu4ieuPnx2AU2vCFgO3eqUe22Up"


"Groups": [
"Sequence": 2,
"LastModified": "2019-01-07T23:46:32.0030000Z",
"LastUser": "dbo",
"Code": "HELP DESK",
"InActive": false
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