20.19.xx and 20.18.xx features

This topic describes the key features in versions 20.19.xx and 20.18.xx.


FeatureDetailsAdditional information

Product alerts

Unread product alerts applicable to your version of Track-It! are now displayed to technicians and administrators after logging in. At any time, you can also access both unread and read alert notifications.

Product notifications

Directory Importer

This version adds the ability to set up a schedule to import users from the Active Directory. You can schedule an import to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.Importing users from Active Directory
Business Rules

When you define the Send Notifications for a Business Rule, you can now:

  • Automatically send notifications to all of the CC and BCC email recipients
  • Add any email address to the CC or BCC email recipients and automatically send notifications to those email addresses

Configuring business rules


This version enables you to specify the number of days when creating a priority and defining the duration of its ticket defaults. You can now set a number of days for the following ticket defaults:

  • Expected Due Duration
  • Expected Fix Duration
  • Expected Response Duration

The format of the duration field is now ddd:hh:mm:ss, where ddd is days, hh is hours, mm is minutes and ss is seconds. The maximum number of days you can set is 999.

Previous versions allowed the entry of more than 24 hours by setting a value greater than 24. With this change, priorities that have more than 24 hours are recalculated and the appropriate number of days are established for the duration. For example, if the value for a priority duration was set to 27:10:00 in the previous version, Track-It! now displays the duration as 001:03:10:00.

Creating and managing priorities  
Self Service configuration

When configuring Self Service settings, you now can:

  • Make any field a required field
  • Make the required fields of Summary and Note into optional fields
Configuring Self Service modules  
Tickets and AssignmentsTrack-It! now automatically calculates and tallies the total technician charges whenever a ticket note, ticket assignment, or assignment note is created.

Creating and managing tickets

Creating and managing assignments

Mobile Application

The Track-It! Mobile App provides the ability to scan an Asset Tag barcode and link the barcode to an asset record that already exists. This is useful when you want to scan and link the Asset Tag barcode to an existing asset, rather than create a new asset record.
Managing assets in the Mobile App  
You can now use your Microsoft Windows User Name and password to log in to the Track-It! Mobile App.Logging in to the Track-It! Mobile App
The Track-It! Mobile App now creates log files on the file system of your mobile device.Collecting logs on mobile devices
Email configuration

This version applies changes to the default values used when configuring email and using the IMAP mailbox type. The default value also depends on whether you are installing Track-It! for the first time or upgrading your version of Track-It!. See the additional information link for details.

Configuring email 

Portuguese and Italian language support

This version adds support for the Portuguese and Italian languages.Language information 
ReportsTrack-It! is now integrated with DevExpress version, a third party tool to provide seamless reporting.Designing and generating reports 
BMC Client Management (BCM)

BMC Client Management (BCM) does not support TLS 1.2 database connections out-of-the-box. If you want to configure BCM with a TLS 1.2 enabled SQL Server, please follow the guidance in the following BMC Knowledge Base article: https://selfservice.bmc.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=000166431 Open link .

System requirements

Setting up BMC Client Management 

MigrationThis version enhances the Track-It! 2019 Data Migration Tool. You can now run multiple test migrations to ensure that your data transfer will complete successfully. You must complete a successful test migration before you can run the final migration.Migrating to Track-It!
System requirement changes

This version now supports TLS1.2 database connections by utilizing SQL Server drivers, which are automatically installed during installation.

System requirements

Setting up BMC Client Management 

To support Track-It! functionality, BMC recommends the installation of Microsoft ODBC 17 Driver for SQL Server. System requirements
This version now supports the Windows 2019 Operating System.System requirements


You can upgrade to Track-It! 20.19.03 from versions 20.18.03, 20.19.01, and 20.19.02. If you want to upgrade from an earlier version of Track-It!, you need to first upgrade to a supported version before installing Track-It! 20.19.03. For more information, see Upgrading.


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.19.02.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Mobile applicationThe Mobile App now enables you to create assets in Track-It! When creating assets, you can use the camera of your mobile device to scan barcode tags and automatically populate the Asset Tag and Serial Number fields.Using the Mobile App: For technicians


You can upgrade to Track-It! 20.19.02 from versions 20.18.02, 20.18.03, and 20.19.01. If you want to upgrade from an earlier version of Track-It!, you need to first upgrade to a supported version before installing Track-It! 20.19.02. For more information, see Upgrading.


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.19.01.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Web Services APIsCreate Web APIs to integrate Track-It! features with other applications or custom utilities in your organization.Web Services API
Mobile applicationIntroducing our mobile app that provides helpdesk technicians access to Track-It! to review assigned requests, submit requests, and update requests. The app can also enable technicians to search through the knowledge base to find out solutions for issues being reported.Using the Mobile App: For technicians


You can upgrade to Track-It! 20.19.01 from versions 20.18.02 and 20.18.03. If you want to upgrade from an earlier version of Track-It!, you need to first upgrade to a supported version before installing Track-It! 20.19.01. For more information, see Upgrading.


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.03.

FeatureDescriptionAdditional information

The Purchasing module enables technicians to create and manage purchase orders. The technicians can perform various actions, such as associate a purchase item with a ticket or attachment, add new purchase items, edit and receive purchase items, and so on.


This feature changes the default forms and their fields. If you have used the default forms in a previous version of Track-It!, you should recreate them for version 20.18.03. For more information, see Customizing forms for groups

Managing Purchasing


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.02.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Change managementConfigure change policies and approval processes to create and implement the process for change management.Configuring change management
Schedule ticketsConfigure schedules for recurring tickets to save time.Scheduling recurring tickets


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.01.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Browser-based clientThe new Track-It! is completely browser-based which eliminates complexities of client updates, improves performance, and simplifies deployment.System requirements
Ticket managementThe HelpDesk module enables technicians to create and manage tickets to resolve requestor issues. The technicians can perform various actions, such as send email notifications, assign records, link assets, add attachments, and so on.Creating and managing tickets
Search for solutionsThe Solution module allows technicians to search and link solutions to tickets. If required, they can also create a solution from the ticket. You can create different topics to segregate the solutions in your knowledge base.Creating and managing solutions
Form customization

Based on your requirements, you can customize the Track-It! forms for each module by adding or removing fields, customizing the layout, removing menu buttons, and so on. You can also assign a custom form for each technician group.

Customizing forms for groups
Business rule engine

Close tickets via email, process tickets differently based on their content or even automatically follow up an hour after a ticket is closed via email to ensure that the everything is running smoothly. The possibilities for automation, streamlining processes, and time savings are almost endless with business rules.

Configuring business rules
BMC Client Management powered asset managementBMC Client Management is now bundled with Track-It! providing the engine that powers Track-It! Asset Management. BMC Client Management provides a robust discovery, auditing, and remote control functionality than the previous Track-It! versions. This also allows us to provide even more client management capabilities in future updates.Setting up BMC Client Management
Quick reports

Need a quick report and you don’t have the time to create a formal report in the Reports module?

The Grid view in Track-It! allows you to produce a quick report that you can export to an HTML or Excel format. Simply customize the record view, columns, sort, or group them and so on, and then from the Actions menu, export to a desired view.

Defining views and performing actions on Help Desk
Technician groups

Groups allow you to easily assign a ticket, notify via email, or change permissions for an entire group of technicians.

Creating and managing groups
Segregate data by groups

You can segregate data visible to groups. This enhances the experience for multiple groups by allowing you to control the records that each group can access.

Segregating data visible to groups
Dashboard with drill down capabilities

Configure your dashboard with panels with charts and graphs to view key data that you can customize based on your role. You can save time each morning by opening your dashboard to view tickets that require your attention.

Defining views and performing actions on Help Desk
Simplified administration

The Configuration module allows you to find settings based on logical groupings or view all settings simultaneously. You can also find what you need using Ctrl-F in your browser window.

Multiple email account support

Save time and streamline email processing for your help desk by using automation and the ability to monitor multiple mail boxes. 

Configuring email
Web-based reporting

Track-It! has a new web-based reporting module that allows you to quickly and easily generate a report. You don't need any third-party software to install or manage. The new reports wizard helps you build a report quickly. 

Designing and generating reports
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