Scheduling recurring tickets

If you have tickets that must be created periodically, you can configure a schedule to create these tickets automatically. You can create a template based on which the ticket is created automatically at a specified time. For more information, see Creating and managing form templates.

For example, every month you must replace ink cartridges for printers. You can configure a schedule to create a ticket on the first of each month. This saves the time spent on creating the same ticket manually. The start date of a ticket schedule is based on the application server time zone. Any error generated for a ticket schedule is recorded in the ServiceManagement log file.
You must have system administrator permissions for scheduling the recurring tickets.

To configure a schedule for a recurring ticket

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu  and select Configuration.
  2. Click Application Settings > Scheduled Tickets.
  3. On the Scheduled Tickets page, click New.
  4. In the New Scheduled Ticket dialog box, from the Ticket Template list, select a template.
  5. In the Start Date field, select a date to schedule the recurring ticket.
    The schedule becomes effective from the selected date. If the date is set in the future, the schedule comes into effect only from that day onward. Do not select a past date.
  6. In the Recurrence Pattern field, select a pattern according to your requirements.
  7. (Optional) To disable a scheduled ticket, select the Mark as Inactive check box.
  8. Click Save.

Editing or deleting a scheduled ticket

  1. Navigate to the Scheduled Tickets page (hamburger menu > Configuration > Application Settings > Scheduled Tickets).
  2. On the Scheduled Tickets page, perform one of the following actions:

    To edit a scheduled ticket
    1. Select a scheduled ticket and click Edit.
    2. In the Edit Scheduled Ticket dialog box, edit the required fields and click Save.

    Note: If you edit a ticket schedule, the existing tickets are not impacted. Only the tickets created after editing the schedule are impacted.

    To delete a scheduled ticket
    1. Select a scheduled ticket and click Delete .
    2. In the Delete Scheduled Ticket dialog box, click Yes.

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  1. Kim Bottomley

    Is there an option to assign a scheduled ticket directly to a technician as we could in previous versions?

    Nov 08, 2018 08:02
    1. Cris Coffey

      Yes, you can do this by simply adding an Assigned Technician to the Template that you use for your scheduled Ticket.

      Nov 08, 2018 04:16
  2. Gina g Fevrier


    Nov 08, 2018 12:55
  3. Gina Fevrier


    Nov 08, 2018 12:55
  4. Anthony Lee

    Is there a way to automate this sequence?

    1) Email received 2) Ticket generated based on information utilizing subject keywords and assigned to technician 3) RFC generated linked to ticket and assigned to owner

    Jan 28, 2019 02:19
  5. Linnea Boyce

    Is there a way to have scheduled tickets run only during the week, not on weekends?

    Dec 16, 2019 07:44
    1. Cris Coffey

      Yes, select the weekly option and the days you want to do it. If you have questions about setting this up, you can always reach out to support at 

      Dec 16, 2019 09:41
  6. Dov Kaiser

    Hi, Linnea. Thanks for contacting us! We have forwarded your input to the writer who is responsible for this content.

    Dec 16, 2019 08:50