Overview of Self Service

Using Self Service, requestors can create their own tickets, in turn lowering the volume of calls to technicians. Additionally, they can access a database of self-help solutions and provide feedback on them. Requestors can also view active announcements that might impact them.

The following topics are provided:


The following video (10:38) presentation provides an overview of Self Service.


Self Service is an application that enables users to perform the following tasks:

  • Report an issue
  • View open tickets
  • Track the status of open tickets
  • Search for solutions to resolve common issues
  • Browse through self-help articles that are available for different topics
  • View a list of commonly used tickets
  • View active announcements
  • Browse custom links
  • Update profile information

Features and benefits of Self Service

The following table lists the features and benefits of the Self Service module:


No installation is required to use Track-It! Self Service. You can provide access to your Self Service users without requiring anything more than a browser and an ID. This feature translates into low cost and instant access.

Intuitive designTrack-It! Self Service is simple and easy to use without the need for any special training.
Self-Help solutions

Lower your call volume by enabling users to view, create, and update ticket information without having to call the help desk. If users cannot locate the information they are looking for, or need additional guidance, they can email Customer Support for assistance.

Solutions search and FAQs

Self-help through solution database and FAQs helps users find solutions without calling the help desk. This feature results in lower cost with higher satisfaction.

Broadcast announcements 

Communicate global events to users as they occur by using Announcements. If there are active announcements, the announcement icon  is highlighted in red.

Custom linksConfigure custom links that enable requestors to browse an external knowledge database and other configured links.
Multiple language supportYou can customize Track-It to be displayed in any language of your choice.

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