Configuring default settings for Self Service

Self Service enables requestors to create and resolve their own tickets. As the admin,you can configure the default assignment settings for a new ticket in Self Service. For example, you can configure a default group or technician to whom a newly created ticket is assigned. You can also customize the company name and company URL that are displayed in Self Service.

To protect the privacy of the Self Service data, you can also enforce the requestors to follow a strong password policy. A strong password policy ensures that the requestors always use a secure password to log on to Self Service.

If a requestor cancels a ticket, you can make it mandatory for them to add a reason for canceling the ticket. This information helps to track the reasons for cancelation and also helps to keep track of the time spent by technicians on canceled tickets.

You must have the system administrator permission to configure the Self Service settings.

To configure default settings for Self Service

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu  and select Configuration.
  2. Click Self Service Configuration.
  3. From the Self Service Settings menu, select Default Settings.
  4. In the Ticket Defaults section, to assign default values, perform the following actions:
    1. From the Assign to a Group list,  select an appropriate group name and click Save.
    2. From the Assign to a Technician list, select an appropriate technician name and click Save.
    3. (Optional) To ensure that a resolution note is added by the requestors when a ticket is cancelled, select the Ticket Resolution Required on Cancel check box.
  5. To enforce a strong password policy for Self Service users, in the Security Settings section, select the Apply Strong Password Policy to Self Service accounts check box.
  6. In the Display Settings section, perform the following actions:
    1. In the Company URL field, enter an appropriate value such as
      The users are redirected to the above URL when they click the logo in Self Service.
    2. In the Company Name field, enter an appropriate value such as BMC.
  7. Click Save.

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