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Self-help articles are available for Self Service to help you find a solution to your issue. You can browse solutions based on topics or through a search by using keywords. You can also sort the solutions by Rating, Last Updated, or Issue Resolved.

While viewing an article, you can provide feedback on the article in the Comments on this Solution text box. You can also rate an article by selecting the required rating in the Rate this Solution option. Based on your requirements, you can print a solution clicking .

The following topics are provided:

Searching solutions

  1. On the Self Service Home page, click Solutions.
  2. Click Search Solutions.
  3. In the Search Options section, select one of the following options:
    For more information, see Understanding how search functions in Track-It!.
    • All words and phrases
    • Any of words and phrases
  4. Click Search.

Browsing solutions

  1. On the Self Service Home page, click Solutions.
  2. Click Browse Solutions.
  3. From the Select Topic list, select a topic such as Applications.
  4. From the list of solutions, click the required solution.
  5. (Optional) To provide a rating for the solution, for the Rate this Solution option, select the preferred rating.
  6. (Optional) To provide feedback for the solution, in the Comment on this Solution text box, enter your comments.

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