Applying a license file

After you obtain a Track-It! license, you can upload and apply the license file that has the extension .licx. To ensure that the new license is applied consistently across all services, you must restart all Track-It! services including the Microsoft IIS. For more information about the Track-It! licenses, see Licenses. Technicians with the system administrator permissions can apply a new license.


An existing license for any previous version of Track-It! does not work with newer version of Track-It!. You must contact the Track-It! support team to acquire a new license file. For information about how to contact Track-It! support, see support information.

On the License Update page, you can view:

  • The features that are included in your license, in the License Details section.
  • The real time consumption of your existing licenses in Track-It! by clicking Refresh  in the License Usage section.

The following topics are provided:

Applying a Track-It! license file

  1. On the header bar, expand the hamburger menu , and select Configuration.
  2. Click Application Settings > Product Updates > License Update.
  3. On the License Update page, click Apply new license file.
  4. In the Upload New License File dialog box, click Browse to locate the license file, and then click Open.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. In the Warning dialog box, click OK.

Applying a BMC Client Management license file

Use one of the following procedures to apply the BMC Client Management license file so that Track-It! can be authorized to use BMC Client Management services that discover, synchronize and audit assets.

To apply the BMC Client Management license file manually

  1. Stop the BMC Client Management master service.
  2. Copy and move the host.xml(<install>\Client Management\Master\data\Vision64Database\license) file to a different location.
  3. Copy the new BMC Client Management license file to the <install>\Client Management\Master\data\Vision64Database\license folder on the BMC Client Management master server.
  4. Start the master service to reflect new license parameters.

To apply the BMC Client Management license file from the BMC Client Management console


Follow this procedure if you have access to the BMC Client Management instance.

  1. Log on to the BMC Client Management console.
  2.  On the BMC Client Management console, go to Global Settings, and click Licenses.
  3. From About License list, click Import a new license.
  4. Select the appropriate license file and click Open to apply the BMC Client Management license file.

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