20.18.xx features

This topic describes the key features in versions 20.18.02 and 20.18.01.


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.03.

FeatureDescriptionAdditional information

The Purchasing module enables technicians to create and manage purchase orders. The technicians can perform various actions, such as associate a purchase item with a ticket or attachment, add new purchase items, edit and receive purchase items, and so on.


This feature changes the default forms and their fields. If you have used the default forms in a previous version of Track-It!, you should recreate them for version 20.18.03. For more information, see Customizing forms for groups. 

Managing Purchasing


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.02.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Change managementConfigure change policies and approval processes to create and implement the process for change management.Configuring change management
Schedule ticketsConfigure schedules for recurring tickets to save time.Scheduling recurring tickets


The following table includes some of the major highlights and improvements available in version 20.18.01.

FeatureDetailsAdditional information
Browser-based clientThe new Track-It! is completely browser-based which eliminates complexities of client updates, improves performance, and simplifies deployment.System requirements
Ticket managementThe HelpDesk module enables technicians to create and manage tickets to resolve requestor issues. The technicians can perform various actions, such as send email notifications, assign records, link assets, add attachments, and so on.Creating and managing tickets
Search for solutionsThe Solution module allows technicians to search and link solutions to tickets. If required, they can also create a solution from the ticket. You can create different topics to segregate the solutions in your knowledge base.Creating and managing solutions
Form customization

Based on your requirements, you can customize the Track-It! forms for each module by adding or removing fields, customizing the layout, removing menu buttons, and so on. You can also assign a custom form for each technician group.

Customizing forms for groups
Business rule engine

Close tickets via email, process tickets differently based on their content or even automatically follow up an hour after a ticket is closed via email to ensure that the everything is running smoothly. The possibilities for automation, streamlining processes, and time savings are almost endless with business rules.

Configuring business rules
BMC Client Management powered asset managementBMC Client Management is now bundled with Track-It! providing the engine that powers Track-It! Asset Management. BMC Client Management provides a robust discovery, auditing, and remote control functionality than the previous Track-It! versions. This also allows us to provide even more client management capabilities in future updates.Setting up BMC Client Management
Quick reports

Need a quick report and you don’t have the time to create a formal report in the Reports module?

The Grid view in Track-It! allows you to produce a quick report that you can export to an HTML or Excel format. Simply customize the record view, columns, sort, or group them and so on, and then from the Actions menu, export to a desired view.

Defining views and performing actions on Help Desk
Technician groups

Groups allow you to easily assign a ticket, notify via email, or change permissions for an entire group of technicians.

Creating and managing groups
Segregate data by groups

You can segregate data visible to groups. This enhances the experience for multiple groups by allowing you to control the records that each group can access.

Segregating data visible to groups
Dashboard with drill down capabilities

Configure your dashboard with panels with charts and graphs to view key data that you can customize based on your role. You can save time each morning by opening your dashboard to view tickets that require your attention.

Defining views and performing actions on Help Desk
Simplified administration

The Configuration module allows you to find settings based on logical groupings or view all settings simultaneously. You can also find what you need using Ctrl-F in your browser window.

Multiple email account support

Save time and streamline email processing for your help desk by using automation and the ability to monitor multiple mail boxes. 

Configuring email
Web-based reporting

Track-It! has a new web-based reporting module that allows you to quickly and easily generate a report. You don't need any third-party software to install or manage. The new reports wizard helps you build a report quickly. 

Designing and generating reports
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