Track-It! 2017 is currently available only to customers who have signed up for the Developers Circle. This space currently contains Beta content. Click here to see the information about the latest release.

PDFs and videos

As an end user, administrator, or technician for your Track-It! roll out, you might need documentation and video tools that you can share with others. This topic describes and links to PDFs and videos that support this product release. You can also make your own PDFs for any topic in the wiki if the ready-made PDFs of this space do not satisfy your requirements.


You can create a custom PDF for a specific topic, a topic and its children, or a group of topics with a specific label. For information about how you can export a custom PDF from this space, see Exporting to PDF and other formats.


The following table lists topics that contain videos that supplement or replace the text-based documentation.

UserGoalReference topic
System administratorTo install Track-It!Installing
System administratorTo understand the post installation configurationsAdministering
System administratorTo import users in Track-It! from Active DirectoryImporting users from Active Directory
System administratorTo configure emailsConfiguring email
System administratorTo configure business rulesConfiguring business rules
System administratorTo configure advanced business rulesConfiguring business rules
System administratorTo configure priorities and set up priority hierarchyCreating and managing priorities
System administratorTo configure service level agreementsConfiguring service level agreements
System administratorTo configure categoriesCreating and managing categories
System administratorTo customize Self Service portalConfiguring Self Service
System administratorTo configure Ticket templates and Assignment status progressionCreating and managing form templates
System administratorTo customize formsCustomizing forms for groups
System administratorTo set up Active Directory authenticationEnabling Windows authentication for Track-It!
System administratorTo learn about the migration toolMigrating to Track-It! 2018
TechniciansTo understand the Help Desk featuresUsing: For technicians
TechniciansTo customize the HelpDesk GridDefining views and performing actions on Help Desk
TechniciansTo work with HelpDesk ticketsDefining views and performing actions on Help Desk
TechniciansTo learn about Self ServiceOverview of Self Service

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