User goals

The MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA) product provides you the capabilities for addressing the following business goals:

User goalsDescription and references
Manage middleware assets

Managing and administering connections is the focus of a user's work.

A "connection" refers to MVMA's connection to a middleware asset such as an IBM WebSphere MQ queue manager or a TIBCO EMS server. The connection represents a specific middleware asset such as a queue manager, server, or related child object.

As a user, administrative tasks are varied and include the following:

  • Identify connections that fit within your management role/realm.
  • Make the Product Administrator aware of those connections to help them create required projects, and in general communicate your administrative situation to your Administrator.
  • Configure connections and related middleware objects using IBM WebSphere MQ. For more information, see Administering WebSphere MQ objects.
  • Configure connections and related middleware objects using TIBCO EMS. For more information, see Administering TIBCO EMS objects.
  • Monitor those connections and modify their parameters as needed.
Define projects and permissions to manage middleware assets

The Product Administrator defines the projects and permissions that enable users to manage middleware assets.

Project Administration is built on those functional associations between users and connections. Project administration includes planning and execution components:

  • Understanding users and their managed connections.
  • Learning which users are naturally associated and building groups based on commonalities between users and middleware connections.
  • Configuring the project. This includes assigning it a name, and associating users and groups and connections with it. It includes applying permissions on a user or group basis. See Getting started as a Product Administrator and Administering. 

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