The Administrator-User relationship

Another key concept in MainView Middleware Administrator is the relationship between the Product Administrator and User; the Product Administrator provides essential configuration and support facilities to the user.

Users can help the Product Administrator by providing relevant input about their management of connections and related managed objects. This input can assist in configuring relevant projects that present the functionality to manage the various IBM WebSphere MQ queue managers and TIBCO EMS servers. 

In some cases, the Product Administrator may contact users – for example, regarding authentication information (ID and password) or other important details of product functionality.

Here are some reasons for users to contact the Product Administrator:

  • There is a problem with authentication (logon) credentials.
  • Users want to join an existing project that contains specific connections within their management responsibility.
  • There are inadequate administrative rights for working with specific project connections and users would like their permissions expanded.
  • Users need to connect to MainView Middleware Administrator.
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