Product overview

MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA) is a middleware management product used by middleware administrators who manage IBM WebSphere MQ queue managers and TIBCO EMS servers. 

There are two user roles in MVMA:

  • The Product Administrator installs the product, plans site needs, and configures users and groups. The Product Administrator is also tasked with creating projects that enable middleware administration. For information on how to work as the Product Administrator within MVMA, refer to the Administering section.
  • The User is a middleware administrator who employs User Console functionality to manage the middleware assets (such as queue managers and servers) accessible through the IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS connections. For information on how to use MVMA, refer to the Using section.

The Product Administrator uses the Administration Console to configure and manage the customer environment, configure user identities and create the projects that link users, groups and connections using permissions.

The User Console lets the middleware administrator manage middleware assets and related objects (such as queue managers and servers) through IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS connections. The middleware assets within these systems handle messaging using accepted protocols and data communication practices.


Besides IBM WebSphere MQ objects, the interface supports TIBCO EMS objects. For either messaging system's functionality to be supported, your installation must come with the appropriate license. See also Focus on IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS.

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