Product benefits

MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA) has a rich feature set that enhances the Product Administrator's functions while supplying flexible tools for middleware administration. Its real purpose is to facilitate user efficiency in administering middleware objects.

MVMA provides these benefits:

  • It combines all middleware management functions into a single, coherent, browser-based User Console, accessible by both users and administrators.
  • Installation is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Application architecture is flexible and extensible. For example, you can share application pages or the entire application with other users, and even remotely view files.
  • It builds in a Product Administrator role, assigned most likely to one individual at the customer site, that includes site planning, installation, user configuration and, most importantly, project administration. 
  • Support is provided for both IBM WebSphere MQ and TIBCO EMS, depending on your installation requirements (support for one or both can be installed with the product). Note that some of the features available for IBM WebSphere MQ are not available for TIBCO EMS - refer to the Using section for details.
  • The out-of-the-box security models in the product are flexible, and let you implement authentication and authorization functions in a variety of different ways.
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