Accessing MainView Middleware Administrator after installation

This topic describes how to access MainView Middleware Administrator (MVMA) for the first time after installation.

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser configuration for any MVMA session to function properly.

To access MVMA

  1. Open a compatible browser and type in the application URL: https://hostname:8443/bmmadmin
  2. This takes you to the BMC logon screen. Type your authentication credentials (User ID and password) and click Log In.


    On first-time login, use admin/admin for ID and password. We recommend that you change this default to a combination of your choice.
  3. In the displayed User Console, the Product Key screen is shown, in which you need to enter the relevant product key (refer to the product key information that BMC sent you with the application files).
  4. In the displayed text box, paste the product key string.
  5. Click the Install Key icon to save the product key.
  6. Click the browser Back button to return to the MVMA User Console.


The number of IBM WebSphere MQ connections encoded in the license key is related to the actual number of queue managers in use. For example, if you license one queue manager you now can set up as many WMQ connections to it in MVMA as you require. This is only relevant for IBM WebSphere MQ connections; it does not apply to TIBCO EMS connections.

The Product Key option on the Navigation Panel is available to update the product key if the current key expires or a new key is received to increase the number of IBM WebSphere MQ or TIBCO EMS objects they can license. Select it to display the Product Key view, in which you can re-enter the product key. The Product Key option can be found in the Admin Console Navigation Panel.

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